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    Detox Plan

    Revitalize your body with Glama’s vegetable-based Detox Plan – your gateway to nourishing detox lunch boxes. Please select from our weekly or monthly plans to kickstart your wellness journey with meals curated by expert dietitians. Embrace a healthier you with every bite. Explore our detox plans today!
    This plan includes detox drinks, salad, and fruit.

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    High Pro Plan (30% Protein)

    Fuel your fitness goals with Glama’s High Pro Plan – a powerhouse of nutrition offering a comprehensive 30% protein-packed meal regimen. Our meticulously curated weekly and monthly plans include a balanced spread of Breakfast, Lunch, Side Salad, Dinner, Sugar-free Dessert, and Fruit, ensuring your body gets the high-quality protein it needs throughout the day. Perfect for fitness enthusiasts and anyone looking to boost their protein intake, the High Pro Plan supports muscle growth, recovery, and overall health. Dive into a world where taste meets nutrition, and let every meal move you closer to your wellness objectives. Choose your plan today and embark on a journey of health, strength, and vitality with Glama!

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    High Protein Customized Plan

    Embrace your unique health journey with Glama’s High Protein Customized Plan, where bio-individuality meets nutritional excellence. Understanding that every body is different, our dietitians specialize in crafting personalized high-protein meal plans that cater specifically to your dietary needs and wellness goals. Our bespoke approach ensures that you receive a balanced, protein-rich diet tailored just for you, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, all designed to fuel your body and support muscle growth, energy levels, and overall health. Ready to transform your eating habits with a plan as unique as you? Contact our dietitians today to create your own High Protein Customized Plan and start your journey towards optimal health.

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    Low Cal Plan

    Embark on a nourishing journey with Glama’s Low Calorie Plan, meticulously designed to align with your health and wellness goals. Our comprehensive meal plans, available both weekly and monthly, are your key to a balanced diet without the calorie overload. Each plan is thoughtfully curated to include Breakfast, Lunch, Side Salad, Dinner, a Sugar-free Dessert, and Fruit, ensuring you enjoy a variety of delicious yet low-calorie meals throughout the day. Ideal for those aiming to maintain or lose weight without compromising on taste or nutritional value, our Low Calorie Plan offers a seamless way to eat healthily and feel great. Choose your plan today and start your journey towards a healthier you with Glama!

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    Low kCal BULKING Plan

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    Lunch Box Low Kcal Plan

    Discover Glama’s Low Kcal Plan for the ultimate low cal lunch box experience! Choose from our flexible weekly or monthly plans to enjoy delicious, calorie-conscious meals that fit perfectly into your healthy lifestyle. Each lunch box is crafted with nutrition and taste in mind, ensuring you get the balance you need without sacrificing flavor.
    Join us at Glama and make healthy eating effortless and enjoyable!
    Includes Lunch, Side Salad, Dessert, and Fruit

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